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Seraina has been working as a voice teacher and vocal coach since graduating from the Zurich University of the Arts in 2011 (Master of Arts in Vocal Music Pedagogy). Whether young or old, whether beginner or advanced - Seraina enjoys working with her students in her music studio in Wettingen (AG).


Each vocal lesson is individually designed by Seraina and is tailored to the needs and goals of each individual, be it classical voice training or vocal coaching for pop, jazz, rock and musical singers.


Whether as a soloist or in a choir, a trained voice can withstand the strain of intense singing better and can therefore be used in a sonorous and variable way.


With her friendly and accessible manner, Seraina also ensures a relaxed atmosphere in her singing lessons.


Seraina teaches in German, English and French.



She is a member of the Swiss Music Education Association ( and the prices of her lessons are based on the association's rates.



Are you interested? Contact Seraina for a trial lesson - free of charge and without obligation.

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